2021 Event Trends (Part 1)

After lots of research and plenty of conversations, I’m happy to share some event trend predictions for 2021! (Not all are Covid related, either.)

Safety First

It is imperative that in-person events follow all guidelines to reduce COVID transmission. As you plan your live events, be sure to prioritize safety. That could mean social distancing, masks, hand sanitizing stations, or whatever it takes so that your event is not a superspreader. Of course don’t forget other “normal” safety considerations like fire extinguishers, security, emergency exits, first aid, etc. In order to make attendees comfortable at an event, clearly communicate and demonstrate that safety is a priority. 

Meaningful Connections

After almost a full year of very few in-person events, meaningful connection will be key to live events. People are craving interaction with other people (not on a screen), so this will be something to consider as you begin to plan for live events. For example, you may want to have your networking sessions or table discussions at your next conference be longer than in past years. Attendees will still want quality content, but may be much more attracted to your event if it means they can connect with other attendees.

Outdoor Meetings

This is a trend that I love, and one that maybe one where I’m way ahead of the curve. (I’m fortunate enough to have a beautiful outdoor space at my office for meetings, and have always preferred outdoor meetings to indoor!) People are craving in-person interaction, but they will be much more comfortable meeting outside than inside. Outdoor meetings not only provide fresh air, which is healthier, but they can provide engaging scenery, and can be more comfortable, too. After all, who wants to be in an indoor meeting when it’s a beautiful day outside? Productivity and moods can both be boosted with a little fresh air.