Amanda Becker, Owner

  • 10+ years experience in event planning and communications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Minor in Public Relations from Baldwin-Wallace College
  • 2015 Young Professional of the Year Award winner, by the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • 2018 Woman Entrepreneur Excellence Award winner, by the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Co-owner of my family’s business, which focuses on helping people create outdoor living spaces for ultimate hospitality

Growing up, I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, and we spent almost every day in someone’s basement or our backyards. My favorite part was the planning of whatever activity was in our imaginations that day. I loved managing everyone’s roles in the game, and figuring out the best way to play– everything from how many “ghost men” were allowed in kickball, to deciding the theme of the fashion show. If it was up to me, we would spend the majority of the day in planning mode. Sometimes we’d have to go in for dinner with only having had played a few minutes, since I spent so much time coordinating details! My childhood friends still give me a hard time about my planning gifts and how they manifested early on in life!  

My vision for this business is to help people using my God-given gifts. I want to manage the details for you, so that you can achieve the goals that you have been imagining for your business or charitable organization.  

Are you spending your time using your own gifts in your work, or are you getting caught up in managing all of the details?