2021 Event Trends (Part 2)

How can you create more mystery in your events this year? Intrigue can get people talking, it can set your event apart, it can create exclusivity or a VIP feeling, and it can make your event just a little more exciting. Maybe it’s a surprise entertainer, a venue that is not disclosed until the day of the event, or a secret emcee. Whatever it is, think of ways to incorporate little surprises into your events this year. Remember murder mystery dinners?
Contactless Food Service
Food and beverage will be different than before in many ways, and one of which is the way that it is served. Attendees may be a little squeamish still about the way their food is served in the context of a large conference, so consider this when you are planning. Buffets are discouraged, so maybe all meals are served to each seat instead. Or maybe snacks or meals are pre-packaged with designated pick up spaces, so there aren’t as many lines, but attendees can still get up and stretch their legs. Consider the benefits of having attendees pre-order their own meals, so everyone is still getting a choice, but you have less variables on the day of the event. There are countless options for creativity when it comes to food service, but I would predict that less contact is better for this year.
Have you noticed a decrease in your social media engagement over the past few weeks or months? The algorithm is constantly changing, and those algorithms are made to be profitable to the social channels themselves, not necessarily businesses or organizations. While social media can be extremely helpful, and is definitely a good tool, it may be good to begin focusing more marketing efforts on email. You own your email list, while you do not own your social media followers. Your social accounts can be turned off at any time, while you are much more in control of your email accounts. The statistics are alarming when it comes to how quickly people check their email in the morning. Work on building your email lists for your events this year, and then engage those contacts with relevant information. Email marketing is something that we are going to do more of with our large events this year, and this trend may be effective for your organization as well.